This is the first chapter of my autobiography. Before I officially get started, I would like to point out that this autobiography will be interactive. I’m going to put links to certain songs so you guys can listen to the soundtrack of my life while reading certain passages from my story. Please listen to this song while reading this chapter:

Hello. This is Luis Palacios, AKA Ohmygod123. I live in the Excelsior District in San Francisco, CA. I’m an aspiring artist hoping to one day win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. I have lots of ideas for characters, stories, art design, etc. I love art. I love all kinds of art. Movies, TV shows, video games, animation, music, painting, drawing, literature, etc. Some of you are probably asking why I decided to write an autobiography about myself. Well, I’ve been looking at the fact that I just finished High School, which means that I’m practically an adult now. I wanna reflect on my childhood, look at the things I did good on, look at what I could have done better, and just overall, feel nostalgic about the past. I feel like I need this in order to evaluate myself, become a better person, and let you guys know all about me. The next chapter of this autobiography will list all of my artistic influences and interests. Stay tuned.

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